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Engineer Intern Applicant (Electrical Design)

at Louisiana Department of Civil Service

Posted: 9/6/2019
Job Reference #: 2207837

Job Description

Overall Job Objective

Supplemental Information

Section 25

Applicants may apply up to 90 days prior to receipt of the baccalaureate / master's degree.

This position will be filled as a Job Appointment based on this job posting. The selected applicant may be converted to a probational appointment upon attainment of the Engineer Intern Certificate.

As part of Career Progression Group, vacancies may be filled from this recruitment as an Engineer Intern Applicant, Engineer Intern 1, Engineer Intern 2, Engineer 3, or Engineer 4 depending on the level of experience of the selected applicant. The maximum salary for the Engineer 4 is $110,219. Please refer to the "Job Specifications" tab located at the top of the LA Careers "Current Job Opportunities" page of the Civil Service website for specific information of salary ranges, minimum qualifications and job concepts for each level. 

There is no license or certification requirement for applicants interested in qualifying for the Engineer Intern Applicant.

Required certification for applicants interested in qualifying for Engineer Intern 1 or 2: Engineer Intern Certificate in the state of Louisiana.

Required License for applicants interested in qualifying for Engineer 3 or 4: Professional Engineer License in the state of Louisiana. 

No Civil Service test score is required in order to be considered for this vacancy. 
To apply for this vacancy, click on the "Apply" link above and complete an electronic application which can be used for this vacancy as well as future job opportunities.  Applicants are responsible for checking the status of their application to determine where they are in the recruitment process by selecting the 'Applications' link after logging into their account.  Below are the most common status messages and their meanings.
Application received - Your application has been submitted successfully.
Evaluating experience - Your application is being reviewed to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications for the position.
Minimum Qualification Review – See History – Click the History link for the results of your application review.  Passing candidates will designate as "Pass".  Failing candidates will designate as "Fail".
Eligible for consideration - You are among a group of applicants who MAY be selected for the position.
Eligible Pending Supplemental Qualification Review - Only candidates meeting the supplemental qualification will be eligible for referral.
Referred to hiring manager for review - Your application has been delivered to the hiring manager.  You may or may not be called for an interview.
Position filled - Someone has been selected for the position.
Position canceled - The agency has decided not to fill the position.
The State of Louisiana only accepts online applications. Paper applications will not be accepted. Computer access is available at your local library, at local Louisiana Workforce Commission Business Career Solutions Centers, and at the State Civil Service Testing and Recruiting Center at 5825 Florida Boulevard, Room 1070, Baton Rouge, LA 70806.  If you require an ADA accommodation, please contact our office at (225) 925-1911 or Toll Free: (866) 783-5462 during business hours for additional assistance.  
(Please note:  Libraries and LWC centers cannot provide in-depth assistance to applicants with limited computer skills; therefore, we suggest that such applicants have someone with computer proficiency accompany them to these facilities to assist with the computer application process.  Also, no State Civil Service employees are housed at the libraries or LWC centers to answer specific questions about the hiring process.  Such questions should be directed to the State Civil Service Testing and Recruiting Center at the phone numbers above or by visiting the office on Florida Blvd. where assistance is available.  Information is also provided on our job seeker website at https://jobs.civilservice.louisiana.gov/).

For further information about this vacancy contact:
Ed Douglas
Bridge Design Electrical Manager & Interstate Lighting Program Manager


Eligibility for a Louisiana Engineer Intern Certificate.
This is a temporary position to be utilized while the incumbent is securing a Louisiana Engineer Intern certificate. Permanent status shall be denied to incumbents occupying this position.

Job Concepts

Function of Work:
To apply scholastic theory and elementary engineering skills to a variety of tasks involving standard procedures and practices in the field, office, or laboratory in order to acquire practical experience for licensure.

Level of Work:

Supervision Received:
Close from a higher level engineer.

Supervision Exercised:
Functional supervision may be exercised over engineering technicians.

Location of Work:
May be used by all state agencies.

Job Distinctions:
Differs from Engineer Intern 2 by the elementary nature of assigned duties (measured by the complexity, duration, diversity and budget of projects or programs).

Differs from Engineer Intern 1 by lack of possession of a Louisiana Engineer Intern Certificate.

Differs from Engineering Technicians and other related jobs by responsibility for approving drawings, plans, construction estimates, and payment invoices as well as the ability to perform a broader range of engineering principles.

Examples of Work

Performs a wide variety of entry level design, review, and regulatory functions. More detailed examples of work may be found in a Job Distinctions Memorandum which can be obtained from the Department of Civil Service or your Human Resource Office. General examples of work are listed below:

Assists in the supervision of a laboratory unit engaged in sampling, inspecting, and testing of soils, water, wastewater, air, or similar materials.

Supervises the laying out of Kelsh Manuscripts for photogrammetric plotters and reviews work of subordinate sub-professional engineering personnel.

Assists in economic justification studies for proposed engineering facilities and performs computations and analyses of cost-benefit engineering considerations.

Applies basic engineering formulas to routine calculations.

Assists in the supervision or performance of work involving the construction and inspection of construction, remodeling, or repair of structures, including airports, buildings, canals and locks, docks and piers, highways, bridges, transmission lines, power plants, tunnels, water supplies, sewerage systems, and other works.

Assists in the instruction and training of water and sewerage superintendents and operators in the safe and efficient operation of their plants and in the performance of such routine tests as are necessary for proper control of the treatment process.

Assists in the training of operators of swimming pools, etc. and occasionally aids in the classroom and field training of sanitarians.

Collects samples for chemical and/or bacteriological laboratory analysis, using special techniques as required.

Detailed duties include the following:

50% Design and Plan Preparation:

  • Designs and develops plans and specifications of complex electrical systems for statewide movable bridges, roadway lighting, and building facilities under the direct supervision of senior Electrical Engineers.  This work includes electrical power design, control circuit design, and photometric design.
  • Reviews the design of in-house electrical projects to insure quality assurance/quality control.
  • Reviews the electrical portion of construction documents prepared by Consultants to insure they meet the requirements of the consultant contract.
35% Construction Related Engineering Services (CRES):
  • Reviews electrical shop drawings and equipment submittals for assigned projects.
  • Provides District Project Engineers/Inspectors with engineering support during construction. Consists of answering e-mail/ telephone questions from the Project Engineer/Inspector, and developing acceptable " fixes " to construction or plan errors.
  • Performs shop inspections and oversees shop testing of electrical equipment to insure conformance with the specifications.
  • Performs periodic field inspections of electrical systems during construction. Since Department Project Engineers and Inspectors do not have electrical training, they rely on these inspections to ensure that electrical equipment has been purchased/ fabricated and installed in accordance with the specifications.
  • Assists the Contractor with the final setup, testing, and adjustment of all electrical systems to ensure they are functioning properly prior to the Department's acceptance of the project.
10% Miscellaneous Duties:
  • Emergency Inspection and Repairs: Assists the Bridge & Facility Maintenance Section (51) and District Maintenance Units with field inspections of Department owned movable bridges and building facilities that have had failures of their electrical systems. Failures may have been due to normal wear and tear, or to an incident such as a collision with a marine vessel or a lightning strike. Services may include assessment of the failure/damage, recommendations for repairs, and/or preparation of construction documents to effect repairs.
  • Damage Assessment Teams: If a "Major Disaster" or an " Emergency" has been declared, incumbent will participate on an inspection team to assess the damage to movable bridges, roadway lighting, and/or building facilities and prepare Federal " Detailed Damage Inspection Reports" (DDIR's) to facilitate federal reimbursement of costs associated with repairing the structures.
  • Training: Completes and maintains all structured training required by the Department. Completes specialized electrical and illumination training required to perform job functions. Completes and maintains continuing professional development training required to maintain and renew their professional engineering license.
  • Office Tasks: Performs office tasks as directed by their Supervisor such as reviewing time sheets, updating project lists, scheduling employee training, securing rental vehicles for field inspections, scanning documents, etc.
5%     Other Duties:
  • Incumbent may be required to perform other duties as directed by their Supervisor/Section Head including, but not limited to, emergency/disaster support activities following natural disasters such as hurricanes and flood events.