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School Librarian

at State of Louisiana

Posted: 8/25/2019
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is seeking a certified SCHOOL LIBRARIAN 
This is a FULL TIME, 10 MONTH position (7.5 hours daily) but some overtime/weekend work may be required.  

Certification in Deaf Education preferred.   

Preference may be given to applicants who have American Sign Language skills.  Must obtain the required SLPI level of Advanced within two (2) years of hire date.

Special School District
The Special School District (SSD) was established by the Louisiana Legislature and serves over 1,800 students annually across Louisiana.  Our mission is to provide compassionate, collaborative, and innovative educational opportunities for students with low incidence disabilities, meeting each student's unique needs.  Our goal is to ensure 100 percent of the students served in our schools and programs will leave with a clear path to success.  Our core values include:
  • Unity
  • Collaboration & Innovation
  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Commitment
  • Results
  • Hope
Louisiana School for the Deaf
The Louisiana School for the Deaf (LSD), established in 1852, has a long proud tradition of educating deaf and hard of hearing children in the state of Louisiana.  We are dedicated to providing a quality education for all deaf and hard of hearing children by incorporating innovative teaching methods, rigorous curriculum, state-of-the-art technology, and the American Sign Language/English Bilingual Approach throughout our program.  Children who are hard of hearing or have cochlear implants benefit from auditory access via spoken English language instruction. LSD provides extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities, and mentoring by successful deaf and hard of hearing adult role and language models.  Students directly interact with teachers, staff, and peers daily.  
LSD will continually work to ensure full communication access in all settings; to present instructional materials in a bi-lingual environment utilizing both American Sign Language (ASL) and English; to ensure that we are driven by research in best developmental practices for learners that are deaf and hard-of-hearing; to value and recognize the diverse language learning styles of our students; and to use advances in audiological and educational technology.
LSD strives to be an educational environment that encourages students to become literate/analytical thinkers; that encourages families to develop reciprocal communication with their child and to share in decision making about their child's education; that promotes teachers who are experts/specialists in language and literacy instruction and who reflect on their students' progress; that is led by an administration that supports and advocates for innovation, expansion of curricular and dormitory residency programs and over-all school improvement; with the full collaboration of the school's core stakeholders.  Our mission is:
  • To enhance the academic, vocational, physical, emotional, social and cultural development of each student.
  • To enhance the academic, vocational, physical, emotional, social and cultural development of each student.
  • To provide a visually accessible, positive and nurturing environment that emphasizes literacy and effective communication skills.
  • To be a caring community where students can achieve personal excellence and become independent lifelong learners.
School Librarian Position
Our school librarian has a responsibility to all of the students in the school ensuring they are effective users of ideas and information and fostering a love for learning in all students. Some of the skills our librarian should impart include critical thinking, skilled reading, researching, writing, and presenting. 

The Louisiana Special Schools do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in our programs and activities, and we provide equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Inquiries regarding non-discrimination in employment may be referred to Julie Alcorn, Human Resources Director at (225) 757-3214 or
RELEASE OF ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION INFORMATION: La. R.S. 17:3884(D) requires that any school board wishing to hire a person who has been assessed or evaluated pursuant to the Children First Act, La. R.S. 17:3871, et seq., whether that person is already employed by that school system or not, shall request such person's assessment and evaluation results as part of the application process. Please be advised that, as part of the mandated process, your previous assessment and evaluation results will be requested. You have the opportunity to apply, review the information received, and provide any response or information you deem appropriate.
The incumbent must be able to perform these assigned duties without significant risk of substantial harm to his/her own safety/security and safety/security of others

Physical Activity Level:
The employee must be able to perform assigned duties without significant risk of substantial harm to his/her own safety/security and the safety/security of others. Some work is performed in physically comfortable positions with little or light physical effort, and some work requires moderate effort.  Lifting thirty to forty pounds may be required and brief periods of heavy muscular exertion may be required.  Interpreting, transliterating, and teaching visually impaired students, require extended use of the upper body muscles and fine motor movements of the hands.  Physical requirements are subject to reasonable accommodation in accordance with ADA standards.

There is no guarantee that everyone who applies to this posting will be interviewed.  Specific information about this job will be provided to you in the interview process, should you be selected.

No Civil Service test score is required in order to be considered for this vacancy. 

To apply for this vacancy, click on the "Apply" link above and complete an electronic application which can be used for this vacancy as well as future job opportunities.

Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of a completed application. You must include all relevant education and experience on your official State application.

Applicants can check the status of their application at any time by selecting the 'Application Status' link after logging into their account. 

Applicants qualifying based on college training or receipt of a baccalaureate degree will be required to submit an official college transcript to verify credentials claimed prior to appointment. Please make every effort to attach a copy of your transcript to your application. The transcripts can be added as an attachment to your online application or faxed to (225) 757-3206. The selected candidate will be required to submit original documentation upon hire.
The State of Louisiana only accepts online applications. Paper applications will not be accepted. Computer access is available at your local library, at local Louisiana Workforce Commission Business Career Solutions Centers, and at our Baton Rouge Information and Testing Office at 5825 Florida Boulevard, Room 1070, Baton Rouge, LA 70806.  If you require an ADA accommodation, please contact our office at (225) 925-1911 or Toll Free: (866) 783-5462 during business hours for additional assistance.  
(Please note:  Libraries and LWC centers cannot provide in-depth assistance to applicants with limited computer skills; therefore, we suggest that such applicants have someone with computer proficiency accompany them to these facilities to assist with the computer application process.  Also, no State Civil Service employees are housed at the libraries or LWC centers to answer specific questions about the hiring process.  Such questions should be directed to our Baton Rouge Information and Testing Office at the phone numbers above or by visiting the office on Florida Blvd. where assistance is available.  Information is also provided on our job seeker website at

For further information about this vacancy contact:
LSDVI/Human Resources
(225) 757-3208



  • Louisiana teaching certificate as a CERTIFIED SCHOOL LIBRARIAN
  • 2+ years of teaching experience, preferably working with students from similar backgrounds to LSD students.
  • Certification in deaf education preferred.
  • Sign Language Proficiency-Advanced level, preferred (2 years to achieve)
  • Effective rating measured using the Compass observation and goal setting cycle and tools, which includes measures of setting instructional outcomes, managing classroom procedures, questioning and discussion techniques, engaging students in learning, using assessment in instruction, and measurable student learning targets.
Qualities desired:
  • Deep belief that all students, regardless of their backgrounds and educational pasts, have the potential to succeed in college, career, and beyond, and that it is the responsibility of schools to help students realize that potential.
  • Desire to work at a college and career prep school rebuilding education for deaf and/ or hard of hearing students.
  • Desire to grow as a teacher and face the challenges that come with deep reflection and direct feedback on your classroom practices.
  • Positive attitude and strong work ethic. Ability to constantly find joy in the successes and challenges of our work. Ability to demonstrate that joy towards students, families, and teammates.
  • Personal initiative to better yourself and those around you. Drive to actively pursue excellence in everything you do, even when not given direct coaching.
  • Strong knowledge in content area of choice, demonstrated through lesson planning, execution, and intervention with all students.
  • Experience and earned industry credentials in the desired teaching position.
  • Strong desire to participate in all school activities, including extracurricular activities, clubs, sports, school health and wellness activities, and other activities and events that promote school identity and culture


Job Concepts

The emphasis of our library program and information resources is to:

  • Develop readers
  • Assist teachers with promoting literacy across contents through lessons that enhance school-wide curricula
  • Support all classroom instruction by providing an environment where students can further their research
The employee must be able to perform these assigned duties without significant risk of substantial harm to his/her own safety/security and the safety/security of others.
Collection of Resources
  • Plan rigorous lessons aligned to the college and career ready bar, applicable Louisiana State Standards, the ACT College Readiness Standards, and the school's internal curriculum.
  • Teach students competencies with the ultimate goal being a self-driven healthy lifestyle.
  • Utilize curriculum assessments at the daily, weekly, and unit level to measure what your students learned: Daily Exit Tickets (formative) to know if you were successful in teaching that day; Weekly or Unit Assessments (summative) to assess students learning. For each assessment, create your ideal student response or mastery response to clearly define the bar of rigor your students must reach.
  • Utilize curriculum summative assessments to test overall mastery at the unit level that are aligned to the end of year assessment for your course.
  • Know your standards deeply. Ensure lessons demonstrate your knowledge and passion for your content. Lessons must drive mastery and investment in your content from every student you teach.
 Innovation and Use of Technology
  •  Encourage and support the use of technology and digital information resources to engage students in learning. 
Supporting Instruction with Staff and Students
  •  Build and strengthen connections between student information and research needs and all classrooms.
  • Collaborate with teachers and students to design and teach engaging inquiry and learning experiences.
  • Hold instructional sessions that demonstrate navigation of the library, journal databases, citing sources, conducting research, evaluating websites, etc.
  • Bring passion, joy, and energy to your execution. Ensure students reflect the level of passion, joy and energy you feel as a result of your execution.
  • Execute the lessons you've planned with fidelity and at the highest level, ensuring 100% of your students are engaged in your lesson and doing rigorous thinking at every moment.
  • Reflect on your data daily to know what your students need to track effectiveness of the library program.
 Culture That Builds Strong and Positive Student Identities and Investment
  •  Ensure your students know that you believe in them as well as know what you expect from them and why.
  • Create a classroom culture where 100% of your students are engaged in your lesson and doing rigorous thinking at every moment throughout your lesson.
  • Create and cultivate an environment that is a literacy-rich model.
  • Create and leverage a classroom narrative along with the school system of positive behavior support and positive discipline to build strong and positive student identities.  Use praise and recognition to ensure your students know what you value. Use corrections and consequences to ensure students feel accountable to your high standards.
  • Build relationships with students that let them know you care about them as individuals. Leverage those relationships to push your students to the highest heights academically and as people.
  • Use Restorative Approaches with every student when approaching corrections and consequences. Work hard to keep your students in class and only send a child out when he or she needs time to step back, re-center, or reflect on something that needs improvement behaviorally.
  • Incorporate best practices received in trainings on social and emotional learning for students and model the use of these strategies.
  • Check in with students monthly to support positive student relationships and to identify potential concerns. For example, attendance, grades, discipline and other concerns.
Interventions and Supports to Meet the Needs of All Students
  •  Teach to the diverse learning needs of every student. Take action on and responsibility for every student in your classroom regardless of incoming achievement level or diverse learning needs.
  • Help us bridge literacy gaps for all students.
  • Plan and execute strong interventions designed to help students address deficiencies that need targeting in order to pass credentialing exams within the Response to Intervention (RtI) framework to ensure every child can master the material in your class every day.
  • Track data to assess the efficacy of your interventions. If interventions aren't working, find new interventions to test out to ensure all students are growing as fast as possible towards their goals.
  • Ensure all students have high quality accommodations and modifications in place to meet their unique needs.
  • Commit to a minimum of one hour, two days per week of tutoring.  Additional compensation will be paid for actual hours spent tutoring.
 Teamwork that Drives the Success of our Whole School
  •  Actively participate in collaborative meetings.
  • Collaborate with others to drive the success of the school.
  • Seek solutions to problems you see constantly. Constantly look across the school and ask yourself, "How can our school be better tomorrow?"
  • Proactively propose solutions and ideas to improve the school.

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